Liz Wiley

Liz’s legal practice began with a focus on Texas state court and appellate litigation in commercial matters, and she was a Partner in the litigation section at Andrews Kurth LLP. She transitioned into working for a then firm client by opening her own firm to focus on patent infringement litigation and patent acquisition and technology management. Fluent in French (and proficient in Spanish), Liz is a frequent traveler to France and looks for opportunities between universities, companies, and business clusters in the western region of France– Nantes and Angers in particular – and Austin’s innovation ecosystem. Liz is particularly interested in business and research partnerships between Austin’s film, food, and wine communities and France’s business clusters (pôles de compétitivité), and has worked with Austin Angers Music for SxSW event-planning, including through her blog www.gourmandemom.com.

Dana Kolflat

Dana Kolflat has held executive sales and marketing positions globally in the Biotech, Semiconductor, and Digital Media sectors with companies such as Motorola, Sulzer Orthopedics, Centerpulse, Zimmer and LDR Spine. Dana has lived in Austin for much of his life and also spent time working and living in Switzerland and France. He is bilingual in French and English, fluent in German and travels frequently to Europe for work, family and fun. He holds a BA degree in Anthropology and a Masters degree in Adult Education, Organizational Development and Human Resource Management from the University of Texas in Austin. Dana and his wife Anne live in Austin with their two sons. For more info or to contact Dana you can find him on LinkedIn here: Dana on LinkedIn

Christophe Daguet

Christophe Daguet has 15+ years of management and leadership experience with a focus on developing creative business and technology solutions spanning consulting, technology, telecommunications, and other information based industries. Christophe is currently Director of Strategy and Innovation at Dell. Previously he was an Engagement Manager at Deloitte Consulting within the Strategy and Operations practice in San Francisco and a Product Manager/Senior Software Engineer at Dassault Systèmes in Los Angeles. Along his career, Christophe had the opportunity to advise several startups and continues to actively follow the technology startup scene. Christophe holds an MBA from UCLA Anderson and two Masters in Mechanical Engineering and Automated Production. He is bilingual in French and English, and conversant in Spanish. Christophe and his wife Lorena live in Austin with their two daughters. For more info or to contact Christophe you can find him on LinkedIn here: Christophe on LinkedIn

Valerie Bodet

Valerie Bodet is originally from Brittany in France, but has lived abroad for over 12 years in the U.S. and Germany. Because of this, she is fluent in French and English, and proficient in German. Valerie’s background is in marketing and communications, but in her last position she was a European Sales Representative for an industrial company in France, establishing sales plans and targets in many countries. Since her last move to Austin in August 2013, she has been involved in the Austin-Angers Committee and she enjoys fostering connections between the two cities. Valerie is married and has three children. For more info or to contact Valerie you can find her on LinkedIn here : Valerie on LinkedIn

Didier Kane, PhD

Dr. Didier Kane has 25+ years of senior executive leadership experience, both in the consulting world and at various Fortune 100 companies. Dr. Kane is Managing Director at Denary, LLC, a strategy consulting and investment banking firm based in Austin, TX. Dr. Kane started his career in the U.S. at AT&T Bell Laboratories, after post-doctoral research he had conducted in a US Air Force Research laboratory in New York state. He has a PhD in electronics and an M.S. in Materials Science from the National Institute of Applied Sciences in Lyon, France and an executive MBA in international accounting and finance from the AT&T School of Business in New Jersey. Dr. Kane and his wife Marta have 2 daughters and reside in Austin.

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