Présence française à SXSW 2019


Célia Hodent, Freelance Producer/Writer

Solo speaker: UX and Cognitive Science in Game Design

At Austin Convention Center Room 8C – March 15 de 12h30 à 13h30


Catégorie Gamer’s Voice: Video Game, Sélection du jeu video Vectronom coproduit par ARTE, issu d’un appel à projets étudiants franco-allemand.

Media and Journalism

Rim-Sarah Alouane, Researcher in Comparative Law at University of Toulouse Capitole

Panel speaker: Can We Fight Fake News Without Killing the Truth?

At JW Marriott Salon D – March 11 de 11h à 12h


Intelligent Future

Sébastien Soriano Chairman of Arcep (the French telecom regulator)

Solo speaker: A Robin Hood Regulation to Free us From Big Tech

At Fairmont Manchester EFG – March 8 de 11h à 12h.

UNESCO Media Arts Exhibition

Through March 9-17 as an official part of the SXSW art program

The UNESCO Media Arts Exhibition at SXSW, hosted within the 3,000 square foot gallery at the City of Austin Central Library, will feature installations by artists or artist teams whose work explores the intersection of art and technology:

Exhibiting Artists:

  • Scenocosme: Gregory Lasserre & Anais met den Ancxt (Lyon, France)
  • Adrian Aguilera and Betelhem Makonnen (Austin)
  • Shawn Camp (Austin)
  • Dadageek: Lisa Woods, Barna Kantor and Jerome Martinez (Austin)
  • Sonya Gonzalez (Austin)
  • OSSMO: Cesar Axel Aguilar Rodriquez, Carlos Andres Zenteno Pineda and Jorge Armando Vargas Bravo (Guadalajara, Mexico)
  • Steven Parker (Austin)
  • qujOchÖ: Thomas Philipp, Davide Bevilacqua and Eva Maria Dreisiebner (Linz, Austria)
  • Mila Sketch (Austin)

Film & TV Industry

Audrey Clinet, CEO Eroin Productions

Panel speaker: Short Films Distribution: Size is Not What Matters

At Austin Convention Center Room 13AB – March 9 de 12h30 à 13h30


Séverine Tibi, Producer for Sevana Films

Mentor session

At Stephen F Austin Ballroom A – March 9 de 15h30 à 16h45

Iris: A Space Opera by Justice (France)

Directors: Andre Chemetoff, Armand Beraud

Iris is a film adaptation of Justice’s Woman World Wide live show from 2017-2018, which is widely regarded as the greatest live electronic concert created. Recorded in an empty and invisible space, Iris focuses on the impressive production and music. (World Premiere)

Virtual Cinema

-22.7°C (France)
Director: Jan Kounen, Screenwriter: Molécule
Guided by the sounds, we explore the powerful nature of the polar regions and face our inner self until we enter a state of harmony. (World Premiere)

Eclipse (France)

Directors: Jonathan Astruc, Aymeric Favre, Screenwriter: Frederic Cussey

Eclipse is a collaborative hyper reality VR experience. For 40 minutes, four players embody the crew of Eclipse II, sent in space to rescue a previous space crew who disappeared. The set up integrates 4D effects and full body awareness. (North American Premiere)

Gloomy Eyes (Argentina, France)

Directors/Screenwriters: Jorge Tereso, Fernando Maldonado

Gloomy Eyes is a 3D real-time animated VR experience in 6DOF.

Mechanical Souls (France, Taiwan)
Director: Gaëlle Mourre, Screenwriters: L.P. Lee, Gaëlle Mourre
Glimpse of a soul in a mechanical heart. Produced by Digital Rise and Serendipity Films.

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